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週日課程/活動Daily programme


早上 /Morning 10:00-11:45 am



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星期一 / Monday:          

電腦 /手機應用學習

Computer/Smart phone individual problem solving.

星期二 / Tuesday:         


Chinese Calligraphy learning class

星期三 / Wednesday:    

長者活動日 遊戲及唱歌 

Seniors games day/ sing-along

星期四 / Thursday:          


English learning class (Cantonese group)

星期五 / Friday:          


English learning class for new immigrants

Anti-Racism Workshop

This past Spring we had presenters and community members join and attend our CCSC Anti-Asian Racism Panel:
University of Victoria Presenters -Dr Jo-Anne Lee, Dr Fred Chou and Mikaela Chia

Celebrating Chinatown Histories Project “Telling Our Stories, Sharing Our Lives” 


On Sunday, June 20th,  CCSC Board Directors, History Project participants and community members marked the completion of our 2020/2021 Project funded by City of Victoria Strategic Plan Grants. Our event was limited in size due to Covid-19 restrictions but not in enthusiasm! We shared a lot of happiness in gathering together.

History Participants introduced were:

Gordon Quan

Rose Lum

Alan Yuen

Nelles Shackleton

Kwok Fun Wong

Nora Butz

Jo-Anne Lee

Richard Wong

Charlayne Thornton-Joe

Jackie Ngai

Wilson Louie


Gayle Nye was Project Coordinator & Histories Writer, Kimberly He was the Project Mural Artist.

“Telling Our Stories, Sharing Our Lives” has been translated into Chinese by Gilbert Cheung, Eba and Venus. Technical Editing by Gary Sum.

Get your copies to read about our proud Chinese community builders.


Please drop in for pick up at CCSC Mondays through Friday 10am - 2pm

Reserve copies by email to:


Suggested donation: $20

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